MSL Precision LLC 2017

The power of our employees and our constant drive to exceed our customer’s expectations has developed a culture that is focused on total success.

We believe that our company culture is unique and by far one of our strongest assets. We focus heavily on the importance and development of our culture and believe that the creation of a strong culture will provide us significantly greater success in the future. As part of our culture, we focus on teaching the basic concepts of ownership, making good choices, thinking in terms of “WE” not “YOU” or “I”, and that there are no problems, only opportunities. We believe that having the best equipment, best facility, and best manufacturing process does not achieve success; it’s having the best people.

If our employees enjoy coming to work and our customers are pleased with our product and services, then we believe we have a positive organizational culture.  We also believe  that a  positive, healthy culture is the basis for improving our organization’s competitive edge. 

Our Vision

Become our customers                                   supplier.

MSL Precision will continually invest in and grow our team, technology, and equipment. We will operate the company to maximize earnings and cash flow, and to allocate capital toward growth initiatives that will increase value for our stakeholders and expand opportunities for our employees.


We Listen        We Consult          We Deliver


755 North Country Club Drive Suite 16

Mesa AZ 85201